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Years active2012-until infinity


TeamSESH is a creative association of talented people who are congenial and close in idea. Founded in 2012 by artist BONES, the team has grown step by step, turning into a real family. Sound producers, photographers, and designers are close-knit and productive, they live by what they create.

In recent years, TeamSESH has become not just a musical group, but a culture, a movement. A huge fanbase around the world, a rapidly developing community, hundreds of thousands of people are chanting "SESH", which echoes in the hearts of every fan of team creativity.

«Never took opinions, only took my pencil
I wrote team, I wrote SESH, and then they came together» (BONES - "TommyGun")

Getting started

Welcome to official TeamSESH wiki-page! Here is all information about the team and its members. At this stage all articles are open for editing.
If you are interested in it, feel free to contribute: